Internal Recruitment For A Web Developer Team Lead

“Let the quality of your work and decisions be the gold standard against which the performance of others comes to be measured.”

If you are passionate with what you do and would like to lead the development team to achieve success, here’s an opportunity for you!

What Does Winning At Work Each Day Look Like For You?

At the end of the day, we all want to feel like we’ve accomplished something and as a Web Developer Team Lead, that means being able to continue the regular project builds assigned and at the same time look after your subordinates. This means assisting the junior developers with concepts they are yet to learn or improve; and being able to contribute to the advancement of the entire development team. Furthermore, a winning Web Developer Team Lead is able to set the standards of a great website build that exceed client expectations through the carrying out the Quarterly Rocks task list during Level 10 Meetings.

What Does A Winning Web Developer Team Lead Look Like?

Strong Leadership Skills

You’re not afraid to exert authority to make sure the team gets things done properly and on time. You are passionate about what you do and willing to take control when the going gets tough.

Innovative and a Quick Thinker

You don’t have to be the go to person for the more complicated tasks however, you are able to work with whatever resources you have to come up with a solution, while learning along the way. Therefore problem solving skills are highly required.


Knowledge with PHP and Javascript. You are also equipped with enough knowledge in the current Website Build Process that is being followed and troubleshoot issues encountered during the development phase of the website.

Approachable and a Team Player

You will be managing a team of developers and it is essential that you are able to guide them through. You also need to make yourself available to listen to their concerns and ideas/suggestions to make their work more effective, efficient, and of top quality.

Attention to Detail and is particular about providing high quality output

You do not compromise quality and you also know how to manage your time by setting a reasonable deadline for you and your team. You are able to spot errors and provide or suggest quantifiable solutions. You also know how to effectively brainstorm ideas with your team.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Lead the Development team and handle team meetings.
  2. Collaborate and Coach the Development Team; also discover training needs and provide coaching.
  3. Develop Website Standards through the quality of your work.
  4. Communicate and Share Information; Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts.
  5. Accountability in carrying out the Quarterly Rocks.
  6. Monitor team performance and report on metrics.

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